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Technology & Integration Partnership

by | Jan 20, 2018

TKS Security and Eclipse Communications Announce Technology & Integration Partnership

Traverse City, Michigan We’re happy to announce that we have added Eclipse Communications a premier Technology and Integration Partner! As a Michigan owned company, we’re excited to partner with a local company who shares similar core values and a dedication to forward-thinking technology. Although we provide many unique services and take pride in our ability to deliver on our promises, we also believe in providing you with the perfect solution to fit the specific needs of your business.  Eclipse Communications offers a suite of services that perfectly complement our own offerings — allowing us to provide you with even more robust technology solutions and recommendations. brett byrnes tks security As a technology-based security, access, and life safety provider, we are often asked to consult with clients on projects involving Network Services, Wireless System Architecture, Wireless Internet, and Information Technology (IT). We recognize that our service offerings can be limited within the scope of these particular areas. This new partnership allows us to work alongside Eclipse Communications and together we’ll make certain that you receive a unique, cost effective, and highly customized solution — one that’s designed to achieve your overall goals. This partnership also enhances our ability to connect you with highly seasoned professionals with whom we have already vetted and trust. Overall, this technology and integration partnership was a “no-brainer”! We have admired the services, dedication, and reputation of Eclipse Communications for several years and we know that the feeling is mutual. Together with Eclipse Communications, we look forward to giving our customers new and expanded service opportunities and seek to provide an even higher level of customer service and support. We’re truly excited about the benefits this new technology partnership gives to our customers! About Eclipse Communications: Eclipse Communications is a WISP (Wireless Internet Service provider), MSP (Managed Services Provider) and IT Consulting Company based in Benzonia, MI. Visit their site at eclipse-communications

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