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  Industrial Security Solutions 

Customized Asset Protection, Compliance, & Safety Solutions

On-Time & On-Budget

We understand that a missed deadline could cost you hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in downtime and lost revenue. Our expert team makes sure that doesn’t happen!

Industry Technology

Your security solution should be perfectly matched your specific needs, proceedures, and your compliance standards—we deliver all three.

Multisite Systems

You deserve a company and solution that respects your time. We deliver security & safety solutions that make managing multiple locations a quick and easy process.


  Protect Your Investment 

We understand that interruptions to manufacturing processes can cost you Big

Your industrial facilities are the engine that run your business, and when security or safety issues occur, it be weeks or months before you are back up to full capacity. Our specialized industrial security and safety systems keep your factories, production facilities, plants, warehoueses, materials, products, and employees safe.

  Get Security Solutions for Your Industry 

Expertly engineered solutions to keep your factories, distribution centers, and office facilities safe and secure.

Factory Security

Distribution Centers

Office Buildings


Production Lines

Processing Facilities

Less Downtime. Better Safety. More Profit.

Implementing industrial security services such as visitor management, process & equipment monitoring, video surveillance, high-value or dangerous area access control, and health and safety systems, can help keep your business up-and-running with less downtime. This translates to higher efficiency, better margins, and fewer workplace safety issues.

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Access Control Systems

certified security installations

Fire & Life Safety

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Proccess Monitoring

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Employee ID Badging

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Burglar Alarms

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Remote Access

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Visitor Management

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Video Solutions


You Deserve
A Security Partner That Specializes & Understand the Needs Of Your Industry.

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24/7 Support Partner

We understand the importance of supporting your business process and systems. That’s why we’ll give you dedicated support teams and utilize world-class, ultra-responsive monitoring centers.

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User-Friendly Technology

We know that time is moneyso we deliver feature-rich, cutting-edge, industrial security solutions that can be accessed any where and are as easy-to-use as your mobile phone.

s3 security training

S3 Security System Specialist Program

Industrial security requires special knowlege and training. Many security providers have trained security technicians, but this training doesn’t focus specifically on your industy. Our technicians must complete thorough industry training as part of our S3 certification program. This ensures that your project is lead by experts that understand your specific industry needs.