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TKS Essential Business Plan

by | Mar 23, 2020

TKS Customers and Family – We hope you are staying safe and well!

TKS Security (a Licensed Security Company) will continue to operate, as-needed, only as Essential Critical Infrastructure Company per the CISA and State of MI guidelines.

TKS Security is a Life-Safety and Security services provider. We install, service and maintain Fire Alarm Systems, Medical Alert Systems, Panic Alarms, Burglar Alarms, and other Life Safety/Security and Property Protection Services (such as Cameras, Access Control etc).

TKS’s infrastructure was designed to operate in a “disaster” type situation, therefore we have been able to operate with little to no interruption thus far. The staff that can work remotely has already been doing so for the last couple of weeks and will continue to operate in that fashion. Other essential staff have been staying safe and following the recommended CDC guidelines for health and safety. We have done our best to scale to as-needed operations only on-site while still maintaining operations as-needed only.

TKS Fire Alarm and Security Technicians may need to provide service or repairs to critical systems during these trying times, please give them space and room to operate. If you see a TKS service vehicle on the road, please understand that we are required by the State of MI and by our commitment to life-safety and property-protection, to maintain a level of service during these times. We will not risk unnecessary danger or risk to an employee, family members, customers, bystanders or others. Our employees have been given the tools and instructions to operate as safely as possible.

Thank you for your continued support and please stay safe.

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