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  Security for Government Facilities 

Security Solutions for Government Agencies, Cities, and Municipalities

24/7 Support

Trained professionals monitor your government building’s security systems 24/7 and alert authorities if any problem arises – giving you peace-of-mind.

Security Analytics

Your time is valuable. Our systems allow you easily locate, track, and investigate events that occur in both secure and publicly accessible areas of your facilities.

Engineered Systems

You deserve a security partner, not just a vendor. From consulting and engineering, to on-going support and training. We’ll make sure that your solution fits your needs.


  A Trusted Partner 

We understand that government facility security is an exhausting, endlessly challenging endeavor.

We don’t just provide security and life safety solutions for government agencies. We partner with you to engineer customized systems that fit your needs perfectly, whether it’s for federal, state, or local facilities, we understand and have the expretise to deliver the perfect system on-time and on-budget.

  Security Engineered for Government Facilities 

Expertly engineers solutions to keep your facility, information, employees, and the public safe and secure.


Police Stations

Fire Departments

Governmental Offices

Municipal Centers

Housing Authorities

  Discreet Installations 

Maximum Safety for Government Facilities

We understand that you may not want to draw unnecessary attention to your security system installation. That’s why we provide discreet security installations and covert systems for government facilities when requested.


You Need
A Security Partner That Understands & Cares About the Needs Of your facility.

security satisfaction guarantee

24/7 Support Partner

We understand the dynamic nature and challenges that face government facilitiies. That’s why we deliver highly-trained, dedicated support teams and utilize best-in-class, ultra-responsive monitoring centers.

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Industry Specific Technology

We understand the importance and requirements of governmental agenciesthat’s why we engineer feature-rich and forward-thinking security solutions that are as easy-to-use as your mobile phone while delivering the highest quality protection.

s3 security training

S3 Security System Specialist Program

Many security providers have trained security technicians, but this training doesn’t focus specifically on your industy. All of our technicians must complete rigorous training as part of our S3 certification program to ensure that your project is lead by experts that understand your needs.