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Security Designed for Your Business

Fast Dedicated Support

You get a team of dedicated, professional, and fully-certified customer support staff from installation to completion—along with on-demand assistance.

Grows With You

We understand that your business needs a solution that can scale and grow with the needs of your business. That’s why we deliver systems based upon YOUR needs.

Technology Forward

You shouldn’t have to worry about your system going quickly out-of-date. We’ll build your solution to evolve along with changes in technology.


Your Security Should Evolve With Your Business, Not Hold It Back

Is your current security system holding you back from growing your business? Are you frustrated by technicians who are not trained to support you?
Are you frustrated by spending money on services that don’t fit your needs? Are you boxed in by an outdated system that is difficult to use or takes too long to manage?

  Security Solutions Designed for Your Industry 

The experience and expertise to help ensure that your facility is safe and secure.






  Expect More From Your Security Solution 

When your business is moving forward, we are right there with you

  Worry-Free Systems   Remote Access   Scalable Solutions   Time Saving, Easy-to-use
  24/7 Support   Fast Dedicated Support   World-Class Monitoring  Scheduled Updates

  Worry-Free Systems
  Remote Access
  Scalable Solutions
  Time Saving, Easy-to-use
  24/7 Support
  Fast, Dedicated Support
  World-Class Monitoring
  Scheduled Updates

  Trusted By 

  Get control over your security in three simple steps 

Say goodbye to ill fitted, one-size-fits-all security packages.


your no-obligation
security audit

One of our certified technicians will conduct a complimentary audit of your current security technology and implementation.


security plan

We provide you with a security plan that best fits your needs—complete with pricing.



Say goodbye to frustration and enjoy the service and comfort that comes with your TKS Security Solution.

camera placement tips for business

Free Guide

5 Camera Placement Tips
To Secure Your Facility

  Learn why security cameras are essential to monitoring your property and protecting your building.
  Learn how to place your security cameras correctly to ensure that they cover every inch of your property without.

Isn’t It Time For
Security That Scales
And Grows With The Needs
Of your Business?

security satisfaction guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ll make sure that your system works the way you expect it to—no matter what it takes.

certified security installations

Certified Installations

Our team conducts one of the most comprehensive quality assurance audit prior to the completion of any project.

s3 security training

S3 Security System Specialist Program

Your satisfaction is our priority, so we take training to the next level. While it’s true that many security providers have trained technicians, we take things a bit further. All of our technicians must also complete our proprietary S3 certification program before working on your project.