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  Michigan’s Premier Cannabis Security Provider 

The experience and expertise to help ensure that your facility is safe and secure.

Deadline Driven

We understand that a missed deadline could cost your hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in downtime and lost revenue. We make sure that doesn’t happen!

The Right Technology

Your cannabis company deserves a security system that both perfectly matches your needs and meets your states compliance standards—we deliver both.

A Strategic Partner

You need a security partner, not just a vendor. We’ve got your back from consulting, to engineering, to on-going support and training. We’re here to help you succeed.


  Guaranteed Security Inspections 

We understand that a failed security inspection will cost you time & money

That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you get your facility operational on-time and on-budget. Our team of industry experts are extensively trained on LARA regulations and cannabis security protocols. We’re 100% committed to not only ensuring that you pass your inspection, but that you also love your  security solution.

  Custom Security Solutions for Your Facility 

Expertly designed solutions to keep your cannabis cultivation, processing, and retail facilities safe and secure.




  Proven Protection 

Enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes from finding the right security parnter.

We’ve been providing security consultation, system, engineering, monitoring, and support to the cannabis industry since the beginning and have become a premier partner to some of the largest names in the cannabis industry. It’s our goal to deliver a solution that perfectly fits your needs, budget, and timeline.


You Deserve
A Security Partner That Understands & Cares AbouT the Needs Of your Business.

security satisfaction guarantee

24/7 Support Partner

We understand the importance of supporting our cannabis security customers. That’s why we give our clients a dedicated support teams and the utilize world-class, ultra-responsive monitoring centers.

certified security installations

User-Friendly Technology

We know that your time is extremely valuablethat’s why we design feature-rich, cutting-edge, cannabis security solutions that are as easy-to-use as your mobile phone.

s3 security training

S3 Security System Specialist Program

The cannabis industry has unique security needs requiring special knowlege and training. Many security providers have trained security technicians, but this training doesn’t focus specifically on your industy. All of our technicians must acomplete rigorous cannabis training as part of our S3 certification program to ensure that your project is lead by experts that understand your needs.