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  About Us 

TKS was founded on the premise that all businesses deserve a cost-effective security solution. A solution that maximizes their investment, has the flexibility to scale with their needs, and is both easy-to-manage and user-friendly.

Service & Support

We understand that fast, reliable, and knowledgeable service is important to you and your business. That’s why we’ve invested hundreds-of-thousands of dollars on training our dedicated and certified customer support staff.

Real Value

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending money on a service that doesn’t live up to your expectations. That’s we don’t sell one-size-fits-all security packages. We deliver solutions based upon your specific needs.

Reliable Foundation

You deserve reliable technology that exceeds your expectations, scales with your business, and eliminates the frustration of traditional security companies. We provide solutions designed to evolve with modern technology.


  Satisfaction Guarantee 

We’ll make sure that your system works the way you expect it to – no matter what it takes.

You shouldn’t have to worry about your business security. We’ll give you the peace-of-mind in knowing that you have a partner that’s dedicated to taking care of your security needs 24/7 — allowing you to spend more time working on your business and less time worrying about your security systems.

  Security Solutions Designed for Your Industry 

The experience and expertise to help ensure that your facility is safe and secure.





Real Estate





  Get More From Your Security Partner 

You don’t need to deal with the frustrations of poor service and under-trained technicians, solutions that weren’t specifically designed to meet your needs, or a lack of control of your system. It’s our mission to go the “extra mile” and deliver everything you need to exceed your security goals.

  Worry-Free Systems   Remote Access   Scalable Solutions   Time Saving, Easy-to-use
  24/7 Support   Fast Dedicated Support   World-Class Monitoring  Scheduled Updates

  Worry-Free Systems
  Remote Access
  Scalable Solutions
  Time Saving, Easy-to-use
  24/7 Support
  Fast, Dedicated Support
  World-Class Monitoring
  Scheduled Updates

  Security System Specialist Program 

Your satisfaction is our priority, so we took security training to the next level with our Security System Specialist Program (S3).

While it’s true that many security providers have trained technicians, but we take things a bit farther. All of our technicians must also complete our proprietary s3 certification program before working on your project. All of our technicians receive rigorous training for several months and are immersed in technical and customer service training before managing any customer security projects.

  Getting Started Couldn’t Be Easier 

Tired of being burdened by the cost of your ineffective System? We’re Ready To Help!


your no-obligation
security audit

One of our certified technicians will coonduct a complimentary audit of your current security technology and implementation.


security plan

We provide you with a security plan that best fits your needs—complete with pricing.



Say goodbye to frustration and enjoy the service and comfort that comes with your TKS Security Solution.


  Certified Installations 

Our team conducts the one industries most comprehensive quality assurance audit prior to the completion of any project.

The security of your business is important. That’s why we make absolutely certain that your solution, no matter the size or budget, is working exactly as designed. Ensuring the security and safety of your employees, customers, and property is our number one priority.