Access Control Systems

Cutting-edge physical access control systems specifically designed to secure YOUR facilities.


All-Clear™ is an independent, covert, and fail-safe security solution that provides extra security for the employees and customers. It's a great addition to any access control solution.
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Real Access Control Solutions

Your business deserves an access control system that’s engineered to fit your exact needs. That’s why we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. As Michigan’s premier access control system specialists, we’ll design and install the perfect system for your business.  We’re one of the Midwest’s most trusted security companies for innovative access control, electronic locks, visitor management systems, and security integration—and we would love to partner with you!

Total Access Control

Track your employees, critical movement, and monitor visitor activity with ease.

System Integration

We can integrate your access control and security systems for end-to-end security.



Safely interact with employees and visitors allowing high-level purpose tracking.

Visitor Management

Ditch the pen and paper! Add efficiency and professionalism with an automated visitor management solution.   We can provide personalized visitor per-registration and check-in systems designed to enhance your facilities security, meet your auditing and compliance needs, and streamline your access control processes.

Visitor Sign-In

Quick and easy check-in process.


Allow visitors to pre-register right from your company website or intranet.

Badge Printing

Use badge printers to create custom badges.

Evacuation Assistance

Know how many visitors are in your facility during in an emergency.


Built-in reports and analytics.

NDA Signatures

Require visitors to sign company NDA prior to allowing facility access.

Intuitive Management Software

Your access control system shouldn’t be complicated to use — it should make your processes more efficient and your life easier. That’s why we only use the best security and access control systems, the kind that offer user-friendly and intuitive interfaces.  We use software solutions like Kantech, Avigilon, and EasyLobby.  Our solutions offer both ease-of-use and the high-end performance you should expect from your system.  Through our development partners, we can even offer custom interfaces and experiences… ask us how!

Custom Features

We ensure that you are using the AC solution that best suits your needs


Whether you need a single computer, multiple workstations, or a cloud based solution – we’ve got it.



Our access control specialists will give you the training you need to ensure you’re ready-to-go.

How secure is your business?

When it comes to securing businesses, we've got the experience and expertise to help ensure that your facility is safe and secure.
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Cloud Based Access Control

Eliminate costly IT overhead, utility expenses, and the headache of severer management. Let us host and manage your access control database, server applications, and hardware infrastructure. There’s no additional training or network knowledge required – we simply give you the perfect access control platform, one that can grow and scale with the specific needs of your business.

No Server Maintenence

Seamlessly use and manage your access control system while we handle software related updates and maintenance.

Fast Professional Support

Our team of access control experts can support your system from anywhere at anytime.

Less Overhead

Eliminate the need to hire additional network administrators and the utility cost associated with on-site servers.

Mobile Access Management

Access on the go! Control your access control solution from anywhere in the world, right from the palm of your hand! We offer several solutions that give you the freedom and piece-of-mind that comes with knowing you’re always in control of who can access your business or facility. Not only do you get real-time management with our easy-to-use mobile apps, but you also have the power to lock/unlock doors, access to reports, and much more!

Mobile Apps

Works on both Android and Apple!



Super intuitive, user-friendly interfaces.

Remote Card Management

Easily manage cards, including user photos

Locks & Door Hardware

We can help you achieve the perfect electronic lock solutions to meet your particular security demands.

Our team of experts have years of experience engineering and electronic locks and security doors that will meet the needs of almost any application. Whether you need to set-up a secure interior or exterior door, create lock-downs policies, electronic gate systems or restricted inventory cages, we can help!


Electronic Locks

We will install magnetic and electronic lock solutions for your specific applicaiton.


Facility Lock Down Hardware

Professionally engineered lock down systems based upon your policies.


Smart Access Systems

Smart entry systems for your facility including card, bio-metric, and proximity readers.


Your personalized MyTKS customer dashboard you can access all your critical information from the comfort of your home or office with one simple login!
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Access Control Integration

Your business deserves a solution, not just a system — and that’s where we can help! We’re one of the midwest’s premier security integration with a passion for making our customer’s lives easier while improving their security! Our team of solution engineers can integrate your disparate security and life-safety systems, giving you a single point, easy-to-use, and efficient blended security system.

System Architecture

We’ll work with you to design an integrated solution that fits your business.

System Automation

We help you automate your access control, security, process monitoring, and more.

Video & Montioring

Integrate access & security systems with video analytics and real-time monitoring

Biometric Access Control

Achieve a high-level of security with cutting edge technology. Whether it’s the protection of important areas within your facility or the need to manage employees, guests, or independent contractors.

Print Readers

Use the unique patterns of finger and palm prints prior to granting access.


Retinal Scanners

Recognize patterns on a person’s retinal blood vessels prior to granting access.

Facial Recognition

Systems capable of verifying the identity of of a person prior to granting access.


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