Introducing All-Clear™

Introducing All-Clear™

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Business Security, Financial Center Security

We’re excited to introduce one of our latest offerings — All-Clear™

All-Clear by TKS is an innovative and crucial step to ensure that your financial center employees have entered your facility safely.

It also ensures that no employee or customer walks into a potentially dangerous situation. The All-Clear solution is a stand-alone, independent system that notifies authorities and essential company personnel that your facility has been deemed safe to enter by your opening staff.

All-Clear™ is Different

All-Clear from TKS Security offers a separate, independent, and secure system that supplements your existing credit union, luxury retail location or bank security alarm system.  It’s the ideal solution for notifying authorities and company representatives as to whether or not your facility has been deemed safe-to-enter. It’s the perfect solution for financial institutions and businesses with high-value merchandise.

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