Security Systems for Banks

Banks and financial institutions have much more than just money on the line. We specialize in security systems for banks and financial centers including physical security, risk mitigation, life safety systems, and security compliance.


All-Clear™ is a revolutionary, independent, covert, and fail-safe solution that provides protection and security for the employees and customers of financial centers.
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Access Control Systems

Access control is a security technique that can be used by your bank or financial institution to electronically regulate, monitor, and audit physical access to specific areas within your facility. Modern access control systems are a non-intrusive way to add security without disrupting daily operations. It also eliminates the security risk (like lost or duplicated keys) that come with traditional “lock and key” systems.

Total Control

Track employees, critical processes, and monitor visitor traffic with ease.

Intrusion Detection

Integrates with intrusion detection system for end-to-end security.


Video & Door Intercoms

Interactive systems allow you to safely interact with and control movement.


Preventing property damage to your financial institution and protecting your employees is should be a major consideration with any bank security system. We will work with you to create a custom engineered fire alarm and life safety system specifically designed for your bank or credit union.

On-Point™ Management System

Life Safety & Facilities Management system

System Engineering

Licensed & Experienced System Engineering

All-Clear Notifications

Ambush & Safe to Enter Notifications

Smoke & Heat Detection

Industry Leading Fire Safety Products

Fire Alarm Systems

Alerts, Pull Stations, Sirens, & Strobes

Central Station Monitoring

Our commitment to providing the best in security monitoring services to the financial sector is unmatched. We use only the best, professionally trained security personnel to give you confidence in knowing that your facility is safe and secure — 24/7/365! 


We employ seasoned personnel specifically trained to keep your facility protected.

UL Listed

Featuring advanced technologies designed for efficiency and response speed.



Our monitoring specialists undergo rigorous SIA-Certification training programs.


When it comes to securing financial institutions, we've got the experience and expertise to help ensure that your facility is safe and secure.
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Video Surveillance Systems

Improve the safety and overall security systems for your bank by upgrading your current video surveillance system. Today’s customer expect the best in their bank’s security protocols — high-quality and high-definition video have not only become a standard expectation or customers and law enforcement, but also make compliance and teller auditing much easier.  Best of all all of these advancements have made video security much more affordable.

IP Video

Uses your infrastructure. Reduce cost and space required for cabling.

Remote Management

View and manage your video system from anywhere at anytime with your wireless device.

Video Guard Tours

Live operators monitor your institution for unusual activity and breaks in procedure.


Intruder alarm systems for banks and financial institutions are a critical component to security policy. We’re an industry leader in security systems for banks and credit unions in the State of Michigan. We can help you engineer a forward thinking and cutting edge security system for secure facility.

Cellular Communication

Cutting-edge LTE alarm communications


Panic & Hold-up Buttons

Covert or surface mounted panic buttons


Motion Detection

Precise motion detection systems

All-Clear System

Ambush & Safe to Enter Notifications


Communication Backup

Feel confident that your facility is protected

Remote Access

Monitor your facility from your device

Locks & Door Hardware

We’ll engineer and install customizable electronic lock solutions to perfectly meet the needs of your bank or credit union. Whether you need to secure multiple locations, set-up interior or exterior lock-downs policies, or create restricted areas, we can help you achieve the perfect system to meet your particular security demands.


Electronic Locks

We install magnetic and electronic lock systems for any security application.


Facility Lock Down Hardware

Engineered lock down systems and hardware based upon your facilities needs


Access Control

Smart entry systems for your facility including card, bio-metric, and proximity readers


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ATM Security

Security and safety for automated teller machines or ATMs is critical for any modern financial institution. We provide several layers of security for your on-site ATM machines including 24-hour IP video recording solutions, license plate cameras, tamper alarms, and much more!

24-7 Video

Record the activity at your ATM machines 24-7—add text overlay for additional detail.

License Plate Cameras

Capture license plates and Identify vehicles with crystal clear video and imagery


Tamper Alarms

Receive alerts when machines are handled roughly or when tampering occurs


The All-Clear solution is a stand-alone, independent system of notifying the authorities and company representatives the your facility has been deemed safe to enter by your opening staff.

Stand Alone

Picks up after your alarm has done it’s job.

Instant Notification

Notifies authorities & staff immediately


Does not depend on your alarm system


Hidden scanner for discrete safety & security

100% Reliable

Operates on a 100% LTE cellular connection


Minimal upfront investment & service fees


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