Personnel Safety Form

Governor Whitmer has issued Executive Order No. 2020-21, the ”Stay Home, Stay Safe” order.

In compliance with this order, TKS Security (a Licensed Security Company) will continue to operate, as-needed, only, as Essential Critical Infrastructure Company per the CISA and State of MI guidelines.

Under this directive, TKS Security will not be performing any installations or service calls that are not essential to the life safety or security of our customers. Customer requests will be given consideration on a per basis situation. The installation and service of all non-essential projects will be postponed until the order has been lifted and operations can resume as normal.

TKS Security will be following the Governor’s order and sheltering at home. Only emergency service and installations may be given consideration for action by management.

TKS is required to carry a detailed Work Permit while traveling to, from, and on job sites.

In order for us to justify Emergency Work under the Governors Order, please provide the following information:

COVID-19 Safety Request

Company Information

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Company Address *
Company Address

Project Qualifications

How does the project qualify as essential to life-safety?

Safety Contact

What is the contact information for your Safety Team Manager?

Hospital Information

What is the Contact information for the nearest Hospital?

Personal Protection Equipment

Are you providing PPE (gloves, masks etc.) per the CDC guidelines or enforcing that every Contractor, Subcontractor, Staff Member, and Vendor is wearing them?

Safety Plan

Please tell us about your COVID-19 safety plan

Continuity of Service