Take your Fire Alarm & Emergency Communication to the next level with groundbreaking IP connectivity & revolutionary Interactive Graphical Display technologies.

On-Point™ is a centralized, comprehensive Life Safety & Facilities Management system with modular components.

Interactive Graphics Manager

The revolutionary visual interface allows for interactive way finding, facility mapping, interactive directories, event promotion, emergency messaging, monetization via advertising placements, real-time weather updates & more.

Maintenance Manager

Featuring QA Management, system layout, component tracking, firmware version tracking, user level access, detector clean air reporting, fire alarm system upload and download, & robust system reporting.

Fire Alarm Manager

Display fire alarm status, acknowledge events, silence & reset system, view event history, features logging, & time/date stamping, manage user permissions, set-up SMS text & email messages, control device, circuit & zones.

Multi-Function Portals

Access & display information like building location, parking info, directories & maps, bus schedules & routes, event & promotions, dining menus, weather, power use graphs, marquee announcements, & custom content.

Emergency Communication Manager

Easily manage emergency paging, text & e-mail messaging by event, pre-recorded emergency messages, audio input paging systems and selection control, along with the display of emergency messages.

Systems Integration Manager

On-point™ is extremely flexible and can integrate with many legacy systems along with multiple vendor products via the Systems Integration Manager tool. Please give us a call to discuss your specific system and individual facilities needs.


Learn why the On-Point™ system is the most advanced remote connectivity Life Safety platform on the market today.
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 Industry leading Life Safety & Property Protection System

Advanced Alerts

Notifications, alerts and critical fire information for Firefighters & Police.

Graphical Display

View fire incidents, architecture, egress, stairs, elevators, fire hoses, & more.

Intuitive Touch Screen

Interactive, visual, touchscreen gives you command and control at your fingertips.

Maximize Owner Investment and Provide Revenue


Emergency Messaging

Alert staff member and the public to emergencies & dangerous situations.

Promotional Messaging

Promote events and create advertising displays to create revenue opportunities.

Total Communication

Features interactive directories, facility mapping, weather updates, and much more!

Low Cost of Ownership

Remote Diagnostics

Enhance maintenance efficiency & conserve budgets with remote diagnostics.

Built to Last

Quality engineered & manufactured to last the life of your facility.

IP Connectivity

IP based connectivity for dealer support and secure remote programming.

TKS Security is an authorized On-Point™ Dealer

On-Point™ is a registered Trademark of National Time and Signal.


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